Xela House

We are currently raising money to start an academic transitional home for the kids from an orphanage named Canica in San Marcos Guatemala.  Deb and Brian Tangen, Transformed International and Bellevue Christian Church along with many others, have a desire to assist these kids in need to be able to live a better life.   Now as the kids from Canica have gotten older, there is a new need. The oldest of the children are graduating and wanting to start University.  Although we love San Marcos and there are some opportunities for the children there, we feel there are even more options for the kids in a bigger city. That city we hope is Quetzaltenango, known by its Mayan name, Xela.


The 2021 school year here in Guatemala ends this Oct.  The students that are graduating will be heading to University in Jan.  So time is limited.  Guatemalans are proud of who they are and of their country.  These kids just need an opportunity to become productive adults.  That is what we want to offer them. Most of the children have spent the better part of their lives in this orphanage.  They have been directed in just about everything they do.  They are given their meals without questions, assigned chores, given the clothing that was donated to them.  They really never had to make decisions or were allowed choices.  So our goal is to help guide them into adulthood while offering them an opportunity for higher education.


The goals Xela House are as follows:


  1. Teach these kids more about becoming a productive adult in their communities.

  2. Reinforcing the importance of having and keeping Jesus number one in their lives.

  3. Help them in their search for work while figuring out how to get registered for University classes

  4. Help them open, maintain and balance bank and checking accounts

  5. Help them establish a budget, including tithing, personal savings, giving back to the house.

  6. Help them learn about buying their groceries and clothing and school supplies on their own

  7. Basic decision making skills

  8. If they need help obtaining all their adult documents required of them here in Guatemala, they receive that as well.

  9. There will be House rules and it will be required of all residents to follow those rules or be asked to leave.

  10. Maintain grades that are more than "just barely passing"

  11. We will be hiring Guatemalan “House Parents” that will be there to guide, teach and transport the students as necessary.


We are on pace to reach our goal for move in and start up costs.  Our primary need at this time is mostly monetary commitments.  If enough people were to commit monthly to $10, $15 or $20, it would be a small amount out of your pocket and a huge help to maintain the expenses involved in providing this house to the graduates from Canica.  I am asking if you can give even a little please, every penny counts.  Most important of all, please, please pray that this vision doesn’t die.  Give these kids a chance to become wonderful working members of the Guatemalan society.

What is the Xela House Project?

If you would like to be part of making this dream come true for these students, please go to our donate page and choose how you want to give.  We are really in need of monthly commitments as well as one time donations.  Thank you so much for your prayers, your thoughts and your consideration.