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Today, we head out to seek job opportunities

So, for the past few days, the girls have had an opportunity to relax and adjust to living in Xela House. They have been preparing their own meals and doing a great job of cleaning up after themselves. But now it is time to get down to business. Today we are headed out to scratch the surface of the job hunt.

There is a local mall here that appears to have a job service or a type of job fair so we will head there first and see if this is true or if I am just reading my Spanish poorly. Then we will hit the normal spots that would be more likely to have flexible schedules. Brian calls the area "Gringolandia" because it is full of American fast food joints. McDonalds, Panda Express, Little Caesars, Wendy's etc. I will send the girls into each of those places to inquire. Now, one thing I believe, applying for jobs here is a little bit more complicated. It isn't just asking for an application, filling it out and waiting for a phone call. I believe they need copies of their ID just to inquire. Some jobs require paperwork saying you have completed certain criteria to work in that market, such as a grocery store. But we are about to learn a lot more real soon.

Please keep the students in your prayers as we go on this hunt. Also, their official graduation is Nov. 5th and we need to head to San Marcos on Nov. 4th so pray if they do get hired somewhere, either they start after that or they are allowed time off for this very special event in their lives.

On another note, I just sent and email to Rudy and Delia to find out if they are coming this Friday or waiting until after their graduation to finally move into their new abode. Keep them in prayer as they currently have jobs in San Marcos and now need to make the transition to the move to Xela.

I look forward to sharing photos of Graduation with everyone and celebrating this accomplishment with "our" kids.

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