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The coffee labels are ordered, YAY!!

It has

been strange being here in the states and trying to get things accomplished in Guatemala. But where there is a will, there is a way. Or better said, where there is God, He leads the way. So, I have the coffee labels designed and ordered. They will get to our producer as soon as we return to Guatemala. That means you all should be able to start ordering your fresh roasted coffee direct to your door by the 17th or 18th of January, but I will give you a date for sure once we are back. I am attaching a photo of the label to this post just to wet your appetite.

Oh yeah, a quick update on Lucero. Even though Pastor Marco gave us permission to allow Lucero to come to Xela House before she turns 18, we actually received some great news from the Pastor two days ago. The local judge signed off and now Sulmy, who is already at Xela house will have officially permission to be the guardian of Lucero until she turns 18 in March, 2023. So everything is just that much more "legal".

Not a whole lot of info to give right now. I may call the girls later and just see how everything is going. They should all be registering for classes this week. Love all of you and praying for blessing for all of you.

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