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So tired, but so worth it!

No one ever said this would be easy, but I sure as heck was not totally prepared for what has been on my plate. Don't get me wrong, this is a labor of love and it makes me smile to see how much the girls are loving each step of this journey.

Here in Guatemala, I must say, nothing is super easy. Add to that the traffic her in Xela and that just makes things one step more difficult. For a little over a week now, it seems I leave the house between 7:00am-9:00am depending on what I need to try an accomplish. I have not been getting home until close to 6:00pm most nights. What am I doing, you may ask. Well that is a loaded question. Spending a lot of time sitting in traffic, driving back and forth to various offices and building because no one can do more than one thing in one place. As an example. To get the two different police reports, you have to go to two different municipal buildings for two different reports after you paid for them at the bank and took the receipt back to the police for the actual report. To work in the food industry you need a card that says you have clear lungs, a tarjeta de salud de pulmones. So you start at the Central de Salud. They then send you to a place that takes the X-rays of your lungs. We all thought they said to come back to the Central de Salud for the card now. But no, that is not the case, back to the hospital we go, but then to a different building at the hospital and then no one was there...... And on and on, there is so much more to this story but you get the idea. Every single thing we tried to do ended up being like this. Some days we ran around all day long to accomplish one thing and other days we accomplished a lot. All in all, the girls have about 17 pages of various documents they need to apply for different jobs.

On a good note, we are now down to only missing one document for Evelin. We should be able to get that either Monday or Tuesday. Also, if all goes well, Evelin and Delia will get enrolled in their respective curriculums at the University Mariano Gálvez on Monday morning. Another nice thing was today, I purchased emergency medical insurance for the house. $154.00 for the year included private ambulance service. The ambulance come equipped with a paramedic and either a doctor or nurse and is basically a mobile ER. They will do as much as they can at the house but if they need to transport you, they will take you to the hospital closest to you home. The service also includes Telemedicine calls. You can call up to 14 times a year and speak with a nurse or doctor and describe your symptoms. They will then determine if you just need a prescription at the pharmacy or an ambulance or to be sent to the doctor. Those are some pretty good services for 4 people for the year for that price. It took an hour and a half at the bank to set up the service, but it was worth it. A lot of insurance here is sold through the bank.

All in all, it is the little things that make me smile and remind me why God put this in my heart. When Sulmy came bouncing out of the SAT building (government office where most official things are done) with her NIT (like a tax ID) in hand. When Evelin finally got her request for her NIT fixed. Seeing the look on Evelin and Delia's faces as we walked into the office of their future university. Delia's feeling of accomplishment as she passed the first exam for a possible job. These are the little things that melt my heart.

As I stated in the beginning, I really had not idea what I was in store for, but I am just in constant awe as I not only watch God work, but learn to allow Him to guide my steps and how to wait on Him. You see, this was never my project, but all His, am merely a vessel. He gives me great verses to read when I need them in His Word, he shows me devotionals that say just the right thing and He is teaching me to retrain my thoughts during times of frustration so that I can turn things around. This journey may be to help these kids that are part of my heart, but it is doing so much for me. I pray that each person that is participating in this in some way, is also feeling the change God is providing for you.

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