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Not asking for money, LOL

Hey everyone, So sorry for the blatant subject line. I am sending out an email to as many people as I can contact and I will be adding the same information to my Xela House website blog and posting on Facebook. Actually, I am looking for help, but not in the monetary form. I have done some number crunching and I have come to the conclusion that I need help. I need ideas, I need contacts, I need prayers and I am open to suggestions. We have a core group of monthly sponsors for Xela House, we are so thankful for that group and all they have done. There is also a secondary group that give gifts as they are able and those have been a blessing beyond compare. There are a number of one time givers and every little bit helps, trust me. Many times those one time gifts came at exactly the right time. There are so many people that have purchased and ordered coffee over the past year and even recently and the profits from those sales we immediately invested into the future of our students. There is absolutely no way I can say thank you often enough to all of you and anyone else I might be missing. Times are difficult in today's world. Everyone has a need and everyone has a struggle. It doesn't matter where you live, how much you earn or how blessed you have been, things are different now days. That is why I can not ask for more from any of you. But I have been praying and asking for revelation from God. Even though I have been known to be a bit of a control freak, and I will admit it, I have been working on turning everything over to God more completely. So, no more stalling, here is what I am asking of any and all of you that are reading this: 1. Fundraising ideas? Is Go Fund Me worth it? Is there something else out there I should be aware of? 2. Are there better ways to promote the coffee sales? Should I cancel the coffee sales? Sell something else? 3. Should I make presentations to businesses? Do you have some ideas of businesses, organizations, or groups or churches for me to contact to present the story of Xela House? 4. Should I be trying to fly to the states more often and reaching people in person? I believe with all my heart that God prompted me to start this project and knowing that, I don't believe He will allow me to fail. But I will be honest, it is difficult. It is a financial struggle every month. Brian and I do as much as we possibly can and I know all of you do as well. But somewhere, someone has a great idea. Please, do some brainstorming and send me anything you can think of. I am open to everything (within reason, LOL) Thank you for reading this, thinking about this and/or passing it on to others that might be a great resource. I believe in prayer and I pray for all of you and ask for your prayers as well. In Christ Always, Deb Tangen

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