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It's a new day!!

So yesterday I posted about a "tough" day on my Facebook group page. As I look back, it wasn't even close to tough. I was merely frustrated that I felt like I was running all day and accomplishing nothing. I am working so hard to learn how to wait on God and listen for His answers, that I looked right past a lesson that was staring me in the face.

I mentioned that the girls had an opportunity for a job. I know they could have had the job at that very moment if they wanted it. But in reality, that is where God spoke up through the small voice of a young lady. When Sulmy asked alcohol as part of the job, I think we all got that "Holy Spirit nudge" in the pit of our stomachs. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of restaurants, that as a server, you might have to serve a drink or some wine as part of the job. But this little place, although comfortable and friendly was working toward being a speakeasy and that was actually the name. "Speakeasy" or "HablaFacil". Don't get me wrong, the people were extremely nice and very accommodating. But when we walked in and the owner was wearing a dress that was so sheer I could tell she was wearing a skimpy thong and no bra. It was also so short she couldn't bend over. This was not the right atmosphere for my girls. There was a reason, God made it difficult to find this place and to make two trips to get there and to realize that the distance and traffic made this not a prime location for them to work. I didn't see it yesterday, I was merely buried in my frustration. But through my biblical reading and reflecting with God today, I see His purpose.

What I would like to know now is what God is teaching me through the other things that drove me crazy yesterday....LOL. The printer not working, the bank line being forever long, the RENAP (place for national ID and birth certificate etc) being closed for working on a parking lot. Well, I did learn one lesson the hard way. I did not exchange the printer last night, planned on going out this morning. Guess what, my 30 day exchange window was up, yesterday. $75 down the drain. This time, I will buy a better printer with a surge protector and also get a surge protector for the computers. One thing we have learned about our area of Guatemala and many areas of Guatemala, the power can go off without notice. We think that maybe when power was returned after an outage, that it fried the printer.

Anyway, today is a new day. I will buy a new printer, I will pick up the girls and take them to the bank to open their accounts and we will return to RENAP in hopes that getting birth certificates today is no problem. Then, if all goes well, I can take them with all their credentials to the local job fair. They also really want to work at McDonalds so a stop there is on the list. You see to apply for a job here, they need their resume, a separate printed out photo of themselves, a copy of their national ID, a copy of their birth certificate and sometimes a copy of proof of graduation or a national tax ID that they may need to get. Each place is a little different but it can get complicated.

So I guess that is my lesson from yesterday. Be prepared, don't try to rely on myself alone. Look to God first, last, and always. He is in control and if I would look at the big picture and stop focusing on the small stuff, I would see that we are being taken care of, God's way. God's way is the only way.

So thank you for just being part of this whole big picture that God has drawn for us all. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your thoughts, thank you for your support, thank you for your love. Thank you for also depending on God to make this all a reality, even the "tough" days. It is through those days, that we all learn.

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