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It is all coming together...

Little by little things are starting to happen. This website is just about complete and I think it is starting to look pretty good. Now of course, to stay on top of things. I hope to be adding a Newsletter page each month or so as new and important news happens. But for this moment in time, this blog will have to do. Here is what I have been working on and I think you will be happy to hear the news.

First, I have updated the donate page on this website. We are all set now to receive donations both by Credit Card and via PayPal simply by clicking on the donate button. It should be working on both the website and the mobile site simply by going to The bank account is not connected yet and won't be until after Jan. 10th, but the money still arrives in the PayPal account. I have tested it. It is set up the same way that Bellevue Christian Church was set up so for you monthly donors, it should be an easy switch. You will need to cancel your giving through Bellevue Christian Church and start a new donation directly with Xela House.

I am also working on setting up to receive donations directly through Venmo and having a link and QR code to share with friends and family. These will be later in January, but I am sure they will be available. God is so good and making all things possible.

I have designed and prepared our own Xela House donation receipts for tax purposes. My plan is to send those out each month to all the donors. This includes people who purchase coffee to support Xela House. Any monies above the cost of product and shipping will be considered a tax deductible donation.

Now, the part that I am working on are the details of the mail order coffee service. I have finally been in contact with the person in charge of this program. She responded very positively but with the holidays, we have not been back in contact to finalize everything. My goal is to have Xela House Café available by mail before the end of January. Because this service works via volume, I will need some help from all of you. I will need you to spread the word to your friends and family. I will need them to spread the word. We will all need to share the link for orders to as many people as we can. The goal is to have a minimum order of 15 bags a week. Many hands make light work and so many people with small orders will make this goal. As soon as I have the link and all the price info, you will have it as well. You will be able to order directly from this website and also have the link that will direct you to the order page.

Once again, I can not thank each and every one of you enough. You gifts, donations, prayer and thoughts are what makes all of this possible. We pray for you as well from Xela House in Guatemala. May God return all your blessings 100 fold.

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