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Good things as 2022 comes to an end

2022 is almost over and so much has been happening so quickly. After a year of just getting by, I decided it was time to get serious. If we are going to make Xela House a reality for the long run and for future students, we need it to be an entity of its own. So in November, I wrote up my Article of Incorporation for Xela House, chose a board of directors, filed for a tax ID and submitted my application for 501(c)(3) status so that donations would be tax deductible. God has blessed us once again and in just under a month, we received our approval letter. Now I am in the process of finishing this website, offering coffee by mail order, (with the proceeds helping not only Xela House but the all woman run Guatemalan company called Chica Bean) setting up our bank account and making sure donations and purchases can all be handled easily and on line. My goal is to have everything complete, up and running and ready to role by mid to late January, 2023. Please keep me and this whole process in your prayers.

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