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Getting so excited for all the good things happening with Xela House.

So many things are coming together. Lucero is ready to come to Xela. We have made arrangements for her for the weekend of the 7th & 8th as we will be in the States. We have already transported some of her things to help with the transition. On the 11th she will be registering for entry to the University of San Carlos-Quetzaltenango and on the18th she will take the mathematics entrance exam. Please be praying for her.

I had my call with the most wonderful lady in charge of ChicaBean Guatemala. That is the

organization that I will be using to do gourmet Guatemalan coffee via mail order direct to your house. We have worked out most of the details and we will be ready to start the sales process probably the 3rd week of January. I am currently designing the labels and working out the final details. The orders will go in once a week on Monday mornings. They roast every Tuesday and send out the orders the same day. You should have your fresh roasted coffee 4-7 days after your order and it will be send directly to your door. Don't forget, the purpose of selling the coffee, there is a portion of every bag sold that supports our students here at Xela House. This is simply another way to help assist them as they seek both an education and a better and more productive life. Maybe consider, when the time comes, subscribing to a once a week bag of coffee. You would be helping the students, fulfilling our requirement of needed orders per week and enjoying some amazing café at the same time.

In addition to coffee, through our on line store right here on this website, there will be some Xela House branded coffee cups and apparel available for anyone that is interested. Just another simple way to offer support through your purchases and advertising to others. The more we can get the word out, the more we can do for these students. I have some ideas in mind but I will wait and share them for another blog, maybe Jan. 1, 2023! I see God working in some really big ways for this project. I can't wait to watch Him work. We pray each of you is blessed beyond compare and we look forward to working together.

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