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Blessings, thank you's and buses

A bit of a strange title I suppose. But I have to share about the wonderful blessings that God has shown us. We have received a couple of donations in this past week that really are making things possible. Today I was able to pay for the rest of the year for Lucero's classes in fashion design at Intecap. I also was able to pay two months in advance for Lucero and Delia's English classes. I am going to have enough money to pay next month's payment for Delia's Aerotraining class also. So University and other educational costs are being covered. God provides when we least expect it. We also have been able to pay for the gas we are using to get everyone to every place. It is amazing how much driving and chauffeuring we are doing. It does keep us busy.

The next big blessing and thank you to God goes out because Delia has a new job, it is part time so it will not interfere with her class schedule or her study time. A local friend gave us a shout out to a friend of hers who needed help in the mornings with her children. Such nice people and Delia and the kids seem to get along well. We did have a bit of a concern about transportation and how to get Delia to and from work. This brings us to our third blessing and thank you.

Today was spent almost entirely on the local buses. We needed to find out if there were buses that ran anywhere near Delia's new job and if so, what were the routes and where would she catch the bus and get off the bus and possibly change buses. Well God is really something else. It turns out she can make one easy change of buses right in front of the mall and get on and off the bus for work right at the end of the street where she needs to go. What a blessing. But I also needed to take both Delia and Lucero on a different route and show them how to get to their English class which starts on Sunday. So off we went. They also need to do one change of bus each way. This also gave me the opportunity to remind Lucero of the route she will take to her classes which start next week. It is virtually the exact same route so I am praying she doesn't have any trouble. I also want to give thanks to our donors because we will be able to give the girls the little bit extra they need to pay their bus fares for all this transportation.

So you see, God is working through all of you and through Brian and me in so many ways. I am just turning everything over to Him each and every day. I am constantly reminded of His goodness and He gets all the glory for this.

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