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Birthday's, Coffee, School and future goals

Such a busy January. Let me start by saying we love our students and all of you that make it possible for us to even help these young ladies. We always want to recognize them for who they are and the lives they are leading and living. Without all of you praying, donating and buying coffee, none of this would be possible. We also pray for you from our end.

So, we had one big birthday a few days ago for all the girls. We have Delia's birthday in Oct., Evelin and Sulmy's birthday in January, Luisa's birthday in February and Lucero's birthday in March. With school, work and studies, finding a time to get them all together in one place is kind of crazy. So it just makes sense to have one big celebration.

The next big thing that happened this week, our first coffee order of fresh Guatemalan coffee delivered directly to your door was completed. As a matter of fact, it should be shipped today, the day I am posting this blog. My desire is that everyone that tastes it, loves it. Next I pray that everyone would spread the word. We need to build up to 15 bags a week being ordered to continue this service. We have two months to accomplish this goal. The profits from the sales of this gourmet coffee are a big part of what keeps Xela House going. Also, you will receive a tax deduction for a portion of your purchase. Please if you are reading this, send the shopping page link to at least one friend and recommend they try our coffee.

Classes in Aerotraining for working at the airlines have continued for Luisa and started for Delia. Luisa is loving it and goes to Guatemala City for the first time for a simulator training class this weekend. She is pretty excited. Delia is already working on studying the contents or her class book and she says so far she really is enjoying her class. Sulmy has resumed her course studies at University of Galileo studying Radiology. She says she loves her in person course but no so much her one on line class that she has on Sunday mornings. She is excited for the year though. Evelin resumes her studies in Psychology in the first part of February University Mariano Galvez. I am not sure if they are returning on line or in person yet. We will have to wait and see. I really hope they go to class in person. She needs the social interaction with more students her age in my opinion. And finally, Lucero, she is waiting on the results of her entrance exam and is hoping to start studies at the University of San Carlos in early February. We are also praying they have in person classes, but we will wait and see.

Finally, I would like to share with you what one of my large goals and desires are for Xela House. I really am looking for ways to boost the income coming in so that we can have a full time person staying with the girls. Living close to them is very helpful and we do everything we can to assist them, teach them, help them with jobs, help them with studies and life skills in general. The reality though, is we really need a Guatemalan that has gone through the University system successfully and is from this culture. There are simply some cultural differences that will never translate. It is very hard to explain. But to have someone living in their house from their culture and that speaks their language; in my opinion, would contribute greatly to their success. So please continue to pray for ways to bring in the needed dollars to make this happen. Thank you so much.

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