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A day with Lucero

Today we finally were able to spend some time with Lucero. We started out the day getting her set up with her new phone. We have to be able to stay in touch with our students so it is very important to us to make sure they have a phone and enough data and voice minutes if they need to contact us or vice versa. After that it was off to the mall. We went to InterPlaza and had lunch in the food court. We had planned on doing some shopping but after lunch it was time to take Sulmy to work. Next stop, the Plaza de las America's. Brian took Lucero to the pet store where she was planning to get her photo with a large snake. I chose to go start some grocery shopping and sent the two of them off for this adventure. As it turns out, that part of the store was closed so it didn't happen. We headed back to the condominium and I dropped Lucero off with money to go grocery shopping for food. I told her, she and Delia could go together and asked Delia to help her and give her some tips on shopping. Also we talked about making meal plans and a list before going to the store as it would be more efficient and cost effective. She is only 17 and is our newest student and she has a lot to learn.

While she has been here for the past week and we were in the States, she has also been studying for her entrance exam to the University San Carlos. She has her last study class tomorrow and her exam is January 20th. Keep her in prayer please. That's all for now, just needed to post a short little update for everyone.

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