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The birth of Xela House (Xela pronounced Shay la)- the short version

My name is Deb Tangen and I have been visiting Guatemala and an orphanage called Canica for many years. I often wondered what would happen to the kids of  Canica as they became young adults.  Each year we visited and as the kids got closer to the time to leave, I would ask myself the same question once again.  When Luisa became the first student to attend University, we asked her if she would like to come live with us.  I mean who wants to have to study with anywhere with 20-30 other kids always running around?  She agreed, and for the next year I believe we offered her a nice refuge from the life she was used to.  The following year we moved to Xela (real name, Quetzaltenango).  She was able to transfer to a university here and continue her studies.  Near the end of July and the beginning of August, 2021 I started to receive this nudge, this feeling I just couldn't shake.  I knew God was asking me to do something more.  I was constantly being woken up in the middle of the night with a million thoughts and idea.  Finally, I felt the boot print of God kicking me in the butt.  He truly was communicating with me.  I knew that there were more kids graduating, or getting ready to graduate.  I knew they had no real opportunities for a new life and choices for a higher education.  So, Xela House was born.  The very moment I put the idea out there to friends and family, it was accepted and received.  The very moment I started asking for people to sponsor items to make a house into a home, people gave.  When I did not know what avenue to turn to next for donations, Bellevue Christian Church stepped up and said, "we can help."  People sent seed money almost immediately.  This was most definitely not my idea, this could only have been from the Lord Himself.  I alone could never make something like this happen so fast.  Xela House is now a reality and we are supporting 5 students.  I am not sure what the future holds but I do feel as if God is continuing to speak to me and continuing to guide me on this path.  For the future, I see helping other students from our local area that have the same needs as the kids that we love from Canica.  I can see having a permanent resident "parent" to assist the students.  They need someone who is familiar with their culture and their language.  I do my best, but we can do better.  All these thoughts and ideas are planted in my heart, I do not believe they are my own.  Thank you to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, thank you that the counselor, The Holy Spirit is always there to guide me.  Thank you to our Father above who provides all of this.


Latest Update

We are now officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Xela House is a home for underprivileged young adults seeking higher education. Our desire is to offer the opportunity to attend University or other advanced educational opportunities in the city of Xela.  There are so many things to learn as our students become young, responsible, hard working adults that are self sufficient. With your help we can offer them a whole new level of education with a hope and desire for more in their lives.  We give all the glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for every part of this amazing project!!

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